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Retail Consumer Engagement

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Retail Consumer Engagement

Bringing order to the chaotic approach to consumer mobile interaction & engagement in today’s marketplace……

Brands and retailers are meeting their mobile customers in a number of different ways (SMS, Mobile Apps, Social Media, mobile ads, coupons, self-serve kiosks, loyalty & rewards, and more) and with a number of different providers delivering through those various channels.

The market needs a holistic, cohesive, integrated consumer mobile engagement solution!

XIUS provides:

  • Maximum opportunity to engage the consumer during the shopping experience
    • Before Shopping
    • In-Store
    • Post-Shopping
  • Consumer Engagement Management Solution (CEMS) platform in a software-as-a-service model
  • Multiple optional channels for Brand and Retailer use in consumer engagement campaigns
    • Social Media
    • SMS campaigns
    • Mobile Applications
    • Self-Serve Kiosks
    • Loyalty & Rewards Program
    • Mobile Couponing
    • Mobile Advertising
    • Cines
    • And more……
  • Integration to Existing Brand / Retailer Back-End Systems (In-house IT applications or partner platforms)
  • Capture of campaign and response information in a centralized data repository with business intelligence reporting

The benefits to either the Brand or the Retailer:

  • Address consumer mobile engagement as a whole via multiple mobile delivery modes from a single management platform
  • Flexible implementation model (use one or many or all of the engagement channels – as suits your business)
  • Ability to create a win/win/win situation for the consumer, the brand and the retailer
  • Ability to capture consumer behavior information and providing that information to appropriate parties
  • An enhanced consumer experience that:
    • Is opt-in / voluntary by design
    • Is compete / holistic in its approach
    • Provides commensurate reward for effort
    • Engages, entertains, educates and enthuses
    • Saves either time, money, or provides upside reward to the consumer

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